Coaster Set Bottlebrush

Coaster Set Bottlebrush

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Give up your post party paranoia about the rigours of cleaning up table tops. Usually a get together and a party leaves behind fond memories of a great time , and also left behind are miserably messy table tops with water and juice stickiness, coffee and tea splashes, and all kinds of moisture marks. Cleaning up is such a task! Placing coasters in the vantage spots that are usually used for relaxing with a drink can significantly reduce this torture. Bringing you a fine collection of MDF and cork made coasters.

While the material inspiration is quite modern - combination of MDF on top and a cork base to make it moisture resistant and slip free. The design of the coaster set is delightfully nature-inspired, and ready to mingle with the rest of your decor. They are square in shape, with 4 coasters in a set which comes neatly packed. The size makes them appropriate for usage under bowls and glasses alike. Make them handy by placing them on top of your coffee table, dining table for the side tables scattered around your seating area, because having them available so easily initiates the guest to use them every time you entertain people. The cork base help keep moisture at bay, and the top retain its shiny prettiness even through much usage. Can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth to bring back it is a pretty good looks.

Material: MDF,Cork

Size: 10x10x0.4cm


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