Coaster Set Floral Garden Blush

Coaster Set Floral Garden Blush

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Coaster Floral Garden Blush S/4 is vogue and functional, it's design is fascinating and fun, it adds texture and visual interest to a table setting. This coaster comes in a set of 4 to insulae table surface or conceal unwanted marks from sweaty beverages like cold water, iced tea, beer and soda. Good riddance to a plain lifeless tabletop. This coastal collection breathes exotic vibes to reinvigorate lifeless space. The best part? This design is timeless.

Coaster Floral Garden Blush S/4 features bold colours against a pastel background, a lovely textured feel, and a tropical accent that would complement bright décor. Plus, it gives one's space a luxurious outlook. Using a drink coaster or a beer mat does not only protect one's furniture but also hallmarks a great pop of decorative flair. This MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and cork raw materials can absorb weight or pressure and return to their original shape.

Material: MDF,Cork

Size: 10x10x0.4cm