Coaster Set Vintage Blue

Coaster Set Vintage Blue

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Vintage blue design hits the spot again in Coaster Vintage Blue S/4. Do you know that hot or warm serving ware should not be placed directly on a glass table without a pad, as the heat can weaken the glass? Likewise, cold beverages can leave a permanent mark on wooden furniture. This functional piece serves as an insulator to prevent rings from forming at the base of plates, bowls, or cups. One can as well use it to prevent scratches on glass or wooden surfaces.

Featuring a pastel blue, this colour palette is strongly linked with tranquillity and serenity. Homeowners or bar owners can incorporate Coaster Vintage Blue S/4 for any occasion. It is a conversation starter when welcoming guests. What makes this coaster unique is how its continued use never poses any threat, whether physical or health-wise. Its MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and cork raw materials are highly sustainable and eco-friendly. Another pointer is how this placemat is a good way of introducing friends to economic friendly materials.

Material: MDF,Cork

Size: 10x10x0.4cm