Napkin Palm Aqua Pack

Napkin Palm Aqua Pack

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 The paper napkin Palm Aqua, like its name it is a delightful mix of fine quality paper in 3 ply, gorgeously printed in soft Aqua blue, to bring to your table a delightful elegant mood. The three ply paper is soft, smooth I am strong enough to hold its own through the rough and tumble and folding that mealtime put them through. Will not fall apart in the face of moisture, can help Infuse your table with the fine pattern and colour.

An essential element in your everyday table setting are napkins. Made from 3 ply paper, this delightful soft to touch paper napkin comes in a set of 40 pieces. The print combines well with most of your crockery and cutlery. While soft to touch and feel, the three ply paper is resilient enough to hold its structure even when faced with rigorous use. Will not fall apart, is highly absorbent, and is a perfect accompaniment during a luncheon, dinner, sunday morning brunch, or the high tea you planned with your friends. Bring to your table the Elegance of fine quality napkins with each meal, and serve in great style sure that your hosting is going to be on a high, when you have help from an accessory which is imperative for or a great meal.

Material: 3plypaper

Size: 16.5x16.5x3cm