Placemat Set Vintage Blue

Placemat Set Vintage Blue

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Placemat Vintage Blue S/4 is an eclectic accessory to amplify extra colour and texture to table settings. The highlight is how it creates an inspiring interior design that would create a profound first impression. Depending on the event, one can use this placemat with a table cloth of similar or contrasting colours.

One can't go wrong with this MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and cork placement to insulate coffee tables, centre tables and the top of a dresser against scratches. Placemat Vintage Blue S/4 protect the surface of a table, against heat, water and moisture. Featuring a rectangular-shaped masterpiece that makes a bold statement and suit perfectly on round tables, oval tables, rectangular tables and square tables. Its cork raw material is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Did I mention that it's an impressive gift choice for a housewarming? 

Material: MDF,Cork

Size: 30x21.5x.4cm

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