Tray Rectangle Bottlebrush

Tray Rectangle Bottlebrush

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Work on your serving style and make things feel light and easy to handle, with this delightful serving tray crafted from melamine and bamboo. Proportioned in a way that makes it easy to hold and balance, it has an exterior which shines to a smooth finish, and a print that adds to the vibrancy of the space. Rectangular in shape, the bottle brush tray is as great for holding and carrying classes, as it is for simply placing on the dining table adding to the charm and elegance of the space.

Trays are quintessential for any serving task- carrying loads of glasses and bowls, passing around the right kind of cutlery and serviettes, gets easier when you have a well shaped tray that balances well. Made from melamine and bamboo-this lightweight piece is easy to handle, and equally easy to keep clean. Resilient natural material like bamboo gives it strength and a lightweight sturdiness. The gorgeous bottle brush print shows off its bright colours and will mingle well with all kinds of table top settings with ease. the melamine on top emulates the look of glass and ceramic with its shine and smoothness and helps give it a classy finish.

Material: Melamine/Bamboo Powdercoated

Size: 29.9x20.8x1.5cm

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