Tray Rectangle Magnolia

Tray Rectangle Magnolia

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Whether it is the lemonade on a hot summer afternoon, your morning tea, or when you wish to hand out bowls and plates to your guests what you need most an accessory in this exercise is a trusty old tray that can hold well, balance well and be tough enough to take the weight of all these servings. Here is one crafted from melamine and bamboo, powder coated to resist moisture and remain chip and damage free through much usage.

It could be a quiet intimate meal , a family dinner, or and afternoon snack with your friend, you need a fine quality tray as the most helpful of accessories in your midst. The tree magnolia has a gorgeous floral pattern across its rectangular face, soft colours, ridges on the corners at the base make it skid proof, and the slightly raised edges allow tray items to remain well-balanced while you carry it around. Superior quality melamine ensure that it will look bright, smooth and remain chip free through much usage. Its length is 29.9 cm and its width is 20.8cm. Not too bulky, it is the kind of tray you will find easy to carry around the room. Will be resilient in the face of spills, very hot mugs and Cup placed on it, and its colourful visage will find itself charming its way onto your dinner table, and as your regular serving tray.

Material: Melamine/Bamboo Powdercoated

Size: 29.9x20.8x1.5cm


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